​WHO WE ARE . . .

OPERATION KICKSTART (“OK”) is a non-profit society, registered in 1996 in the province of Alberta Canada, in accordance with the laws and regulations of said province.

OK is a volunteer organization staffed by dedicated retired professionals, with diversified backgrounds, passionate about assisting job seekers. Each is assigned to one OK client until employment is found and is available thereafter to counsel and mentor clients as needed. Contact us for a volunteer application if you wish to help job seekers, find dignity and pride in their lives through work.

It is with much sadness we announce the recent passing of our CEO Dr. Harvey C. Korman.
Dr. Korman was an incredible man who had many accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Not only was he the CEO to our Non-Profit “Operation Kickstart Society of Alberta” Harvey C. Korman was a renowned public speaker, published author of both books and articles. He held various roles throughout many Non-Profits as well as being a mentor to many individuals.  Dr. Korman was a kind, thoughtful and generous man who truly enjoyed helping others. Our deepest condolences go to his family and friends as Harvey C. Korman will be dearly missed by all who had the pleasure of crossing paths.
 R.I.P Dr. Harvey C. Korman

Listed below are just a few of Dr. Harvey Korman’s accomplishments;

Dr.Harvey C. Korman was an award winning author of books such as; “THE RING”, “CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK”, “Crossing Over”, and” Sherpa in the Killing Zone”, Speaker, Sitting Arbitrator, CEO and Co-founder of several Non-profits, Legal Practice-Entertainment Law, Retired Senior Counsel & Elected CEO of Global Resort Developer, Retired CEO of RTCC, Consultant to governments and Law Reform Commissions, Mentor, Past Editor EUR-ASIA GRAM. Dr.Harvey Korman Published over 150 articles on medicine, law and politics.


Gordon J Hoffman QC. Is a well-known, award winning and respected philanthropist in Calgary. He is a senior partner of the law firm HOFFMAN DORCHIK, founder of OPERATION KICKSTART, PROJECT WARMTH, ALBERTA CHAMPIONS, Board Member of numerous organizations, including Theater Calgary, Child fund Alert, chaired fundraisers, and named CITIZEN OF THE YEAR CALGARY, DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD LAW SOCIETY OF ALBERTA, ALUMNI HONOUR AWARD RECIPIENT UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, GOVERNOR GENERALS CIVIC AWARD to name a few. Gordon’s life has been pledged to helping the needy, through his selfless service to numerous social, cultural and charitable organizations.