OK’s mission, is to assist serious job seekers who are unemployed, by providing access to electronic devices wherein a job seeker can search for employment, and the digital tools ranging from how to use devices related to searching, to drafting resumes, cover letters and strategies to utilize in job interviewing.

At OPERATION KICKSTART, we teach basic digital skills to those who are seeking jobs. Over 40 % of unemployed aged under 19 and over the age of 55 have no personal electronic device (PC, Apple, cell phone, tablet, IPad etc.), to find jobs online never mind the basic skills needed to operate same.  .

Employers receive 1000% more resumes today than just 3 years ago. They are looking for a well-rounded employee. One with “employability” skills. Hard skills (like training in one area) are not enough today. Soft skills, catapult the job seekers beyond the competition, by offering getting along with others, being able to make critical decisions, lead others, solve problems, and be ambassadors of goodwill for their employers. At OK, we assist clients in coaching them with current trends, and needs of employers to help our clients stand out from the rest of the herd. AND IT WORKS!

OK does not find jobs. We provide clients with a tool box, filled with a plethora of tools to be utilized in their exploration, finding and keeping jobs.

Fishing is fun. Finding a job is a job in itself, and hard work and we strive to make it fun and rewarding.



                    WHAT WE DO...

President Kennedy said……”Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”.

Finding a job today is like fishing. One does not fish in a parking lot. One must go to where the fish are. Yet, even when one gets to the right spot, fish are caught by skill and equipment used, not by accident. The same is true with finding jobs.

We are inspired by the former President’s wise words.

 OK’s founder, Mr. Hoffman realized, in today’s economic downturn, shrinking employment opportunities,  government cutbacks and fierce JOB competition, that timely & current digital education was the key to finding employment. He also knew that education, alone, is not enough to succeed.  Knowing how to utilize the skills learned, was the critical factor in obtaining employment.

Today's “fishing hole”, to use the above analogy, is the virtual world of the Internet, where there are numerous sites offering positions. The Internet is the key.  That is where the action is.

That is why OK provides the means, i.e., access to the Internet by allowing our clients to use a bank of computers at our offices, under the direction and supervision of our volunteers.

For the novice, one must overcome the intimidation factor, as many clients have had no experience with a computer, and thus believe they are unable to tap into the market. Some need to be taught basic skills, of how to:

-power up a device
-use a browser to conduct a search
-save  searched sites
-explore all relative job descriptions at multiple

sites using various search engines
-work with Word or PDF
-draft & store powerful resumes
-draft & store attention getting cover letters
-amend drafts to use to apply to other job boards

-and last but not least, we provide hope, a "can-do" attitude, motivation and inspiration to reach out to those who have given up their dreams of finding a job!