-To GREEN STANDARDS, a nonprofit based out of Toronto for donating office furniture.  Special thanks to V. Vijayakumar executive and liaison officer to all his help.

- To Jonathan Fesik, retired Captain Calgary Firefighters (3o years service), VP Organization of the award winning PROJECT WARMTH, an Alberta non-profit gathering and distributing warm clothing to those in need throughout Alberta, Managing Director of the FIRM, a company that specializes in replenishing /cleaning/providing firefighting gear, oilfield garments contaminated by hazardous materials,
a Calgarian dedicated to service to those in need. 

-To the 36th Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi for his support, recognizing the need and services of OK in assisting the unemployed in Calgary. 

-To Gordon Hoffman QC  &  Mrs. EvaHoffman, special thanks for all your philanthropic work, this couple recognized for their many years of selfless  dedication and support of a plethora of charities and other organizations, and  for their ongoing passion to continue to reach out to those through education, in bettering lives in our community.


-To LINK AMERICA FOUNDATION, an American entity, which fosters collaborative narratives demonstrating the value of technology serving humanity on a global basis, in the areas of Life, Information, Network & Knowledge (LINK). Thank you for advancing global digital literacy. Special thanks to CEO Brenda Kempster for her support and partnership providing JOB SCOUT, a platform to educate OK’s clients in their quest to acquire digital skills in order that they may access & utilize the Internet. Used in Over 800 Libraries in California.

-To the STRATEGIC GROUP, an Alberta based diversified integrated Real Estate, Leasing, Property Management & Development company,  one of Alberta’s largest private owners of over 70 properties with over $ 1 Billion (CAD) in assets. STRATEGIC is a recognized leader in supporting numerous grassroots charities  and organizations, committed to improving the standard of life of Albertans, and its passionate employees who give so much of their time in reaching out to those in need in our community. Special thanks to CEO, Riaz  Mamdani, their gifted visionary leader whose selfless and inspiring philanthropy is well recognized and so appreciated by organizations who rely on the private sector in advancing their charitable activities. STRATEGIC generously donated the present offices of OPERATION KICKSTART, second floor 3rd Street SW in Calgary.