​​We do not provide jobs! We offer clients tools to

find and keep jobs. Each client is assigned a Mentor,who will guide clients through the process

of searching for jobs. Your OK tools include access

to a computer, signing onto JOB SCOUT, a self help

 platform. where our clients at their own pace can

learn basic skills on how to use a computer, search

online for jobs, draft relevant resumes and create

dynamic cover letters, and apply for positions of

Careers are leading wage growth in Maritimes and Central Canada, with western Canada in a major slump due to export cost per barrel. Unemployment rate in London Ontario same as in Calgary, at 5.9%. Our economy is in free fall. In Alberta we are trending away from energy exports to a consumer-driven growth pattern. Manufacturing sales fell 2.1 % in April /15 and down 7.3% from July/14. Calgary’s home sales fell to 17.8 % with prices down 2% last month. Outlook for Canada’s job market is dismal, as the US economy grows reflecting confidence. Jobs today are in tourism, IT, health care.  Predictions are Calgary’s job market shall shrink by 2.3% in 2015, as Canada GDP lowest in 6 years at 4%.

Our mission at OK, is to successfully teach all our qualified applicants the skills to search for employment opportunities posted online, find a job and write a powerful resume, accompanied by an eye catching cover letter, and how to store their material in order that they may re-apply to other posted jobs on the internet, with just a few easy changes.

​​​​​​Canada's Job Market

       Your OK Tool Box

The Lives We Impact

                   Our Mission

We are Operation Kickstart Society of Alberta, we are a non-profit organization providing free services formed to educate and train those individuals having difficulty entering or re-entering the workforce due to age, cultural disparities, lack of education, disability, infirmity, language difficulties and other problems meshing with society’s requirements. It is the intent of the organization to empower individuals to regain their self-worth by engaging in meaningful and productive employment.

interest. We teach strategies, and "do's and don'ts" ​when applying and interviewing. To be successful

in todays competitive job market, not only must a

job seeker have basic qualifications, but something much more....and that "something" is a critical tool ​which we teach, that ensures our clients stand out

in the sea of applications received by employers ​today. Education, knowledge and comprehending

the latest trends all guarantee that clients are able

to secure an interview, and sell themselves using a ​series of strategies that can be applied through

​mock interviews in order that there are no surprise questions intended to eliminate candidates.
​We supply the tools and know how. Clients supply ​the intent to explore opportunities now unlocked

​for them. OK, LETS GO!.

It is hard to believe, in todays "Computer age", that

there are many who do not own electronic devices and do not have even the most basic digital "know how" of searching online for jobs.

It is this group, who are shut out of the job market, that we wish to serve.